Sitka Original S


for mid-sized vans
(VW T6, Vito, Caravelle etc.)

Sitka Original S

for small vans
(Caddy, Berlingo, Kangoo etc.)

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Sitka – Original S

Sitka Original S

Easy travel with no compromises. That’s the smart module Sitka Original S.

Basecamp on the road

Sitka Original S is a removable camping unit that will make a cozy campervan out of your car not only for relaxation but also for cooking and dining on the go.

Sleeping, seating, storage space and kitchen

All this fits in the Sitka for smaller cars. 190 cm long, 110 cm wide bed, a table with benches, 200 liters of storage space, pull-out cooking boxes with a workspace and 2x5liter jerry cans. Yes, that’s how our little Sitka rocks!

Installation time
10 min.

Installation by
one person

Storage space
300 litres



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Seating and bed

Basic module of Visu Sitka. Thanks to its unique design, you’ll get a bed and comfortable seating with table in one unit.

• spacious seating
• comfortable sleeping
• quality materials
• sandwich mattresses
• easy to install

Bed and seating

Sitka Original S offers 190 cm long and 110 cm wide bed with 5 cm high sandwich mattress with an extremely durable cover. Thanks to the smart solution, the bed can be transformed into seating with a table in a few seconds.

Storage space

Thanks to Visu Tashka, you don’t have to limit yourself. 300 liters of storage space you can pack at home.

• durable fabric
• press buttons for snap
• solid bottom
• pack at home
• absolutely silent

Storage space

Sitka Original S has 200 liters of storage space divided into four parts, each of them has his own Visu Tashka. You simply pack them at home, carry in the car and pin to the construction. When traveling they are accessible via the hinged lids, both from the rear and side doors.

Kitchen module

Do not limit yourself – cook anywhere with everything at hand. Clearly organized and yet compact.

• easy to instal
• work and storage space
• camping equipment
• jerry cans with tap
• quality materials

Kitchen module

Sliding boxes accessible from the fifth door offers two workspaces, each of them has 30×45 cm. You will find separate space for gas cartridge and gas stove and then equipment like cutlery, wine glasses and enamel mugs in the cooking box. There is a separate space for two 5 liter jerry cans in the water module and storage space.

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Removable camping unit that fits into your car. Simple conversion in 10 minutes.

For small van or big MPV

Caddy Maxi Life
2003–till now
(VW Caddy Typ 2K)

Combo Life XL
2018–till now
(Opel Combo E)

Proace Verso City Long
2020–till now
(Toyota Proace II)

Dobló Combi Maxi
2016–till now
(Fiat Dobló Combi Maxi)

Berlingo XL
2018–till now
(Citroen Berlingo III)

Rifter Long
2018–till now
(Peugeot Rifter)

Tourneo Connect L2
2013–till now
(Ford Tourneo Connect 2gen)

Renault Kangoo Maxi
2007–till now
(Kangoo II)

Didn’t find your car?

Adapting Visu Sitka for your van is simple and can be done in a few minutes. Contact us, we’ll figure it out!

Priser kommer snart, i mellomtiden om du er interessert kan du gjerne sende oss en e-post.