Crawler Caravans

Dont limit yourself to standard, ordinary locations while planning your weekend road trip. With our Crawler caravans, you can easily plan for a weekend trip to your favorite places. We assure you Crawler will be your family’s must-have mobile home for the toughest conditions without compromising on comfort.Crawler caravans, with its expandable inner area for camping and camping equipment, provides a comfortable space for you.

Nothing can hold you back now!


The biggest caravan from Crawler with air suspension and lots of standard equipment!

Crawler EXPEDITION 535 offers great space and comfort for the whole family!

EXPEDITION 535 – as designed for free-campers and challenging roads!

TRC 428 – Nordic

The most powerful caravan for those who want comfort and raw mobility Crawler TRC 428 Nordic not only looks tough, it is made to military standard!

TRC 428 Nordic is perhaps one of the crudest things you can get for civilian use!

CMP 190 & 240

CMP 190 & 240
For those of you who drive a newer 4×4 pick-up and want the ultimate caravan!

The perfect tour car, if you love freedom and enjoy living in one with nature.

Each CMP190 and 240 is fitted to the car’s original mounting points in the frame.

TRC 390

TRC 390
Large and advanced camper-trailer for the really tough, for expeditions and trips.

Comes with air suspension for superior comfort and accessibility.

The trolley can be raised and lowered to improve accessibility and everything in military standard!


Scandinavia’s most powerful and massive motorhome, for the really tough campers out there!